Miss You - Aaliyah

She Be 31

godiz - My sisters 31'st. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL BABY BOO !!!

My Lil-Sis' Sel

It doesn't really matter if we're together or apart
you're never really far from me, you're always in my heart.

I love the way we both can laugh, until we almost cry
yet hug each other tenderly, when real tears fill our eyes.

In some ways we're so different, yet our values are alike, 
so, I know you'll always have my back, whenever trouble strikes.

You know my deepest secrets, and you never judge my pain.
You validate my dreams and let me know that they're not in vain.

You give so much to others, when you are busy too,
so, I hope that on you're birthday, you'll do something just for you.

And sis, my birthday "wish" today, is that somehow you could see,
how precious you are in my eyes, and how you'll always be.

For no matter where life leads us, from now until the end,
I pray you'll feel my love for you, my sister, my best friend.

City Farm Date

godiz - Me, Nid & lil' Livi petting our animal friends on a beautiful day.

Throw Back Time

A Man Who Loves

A man who loves Christ will 
respect you, pursue you, and treasure you
He won't try to pressure you or control you
he will gently walk beside you and lead you
He will worship and pray with you 
and most importantly remind you that
Only GOD can truly satisfy you