Saturday Sweets & Sockerbit NYC

(Saturday Candy) Lördagsgodis in Sweden

 Today is Saturday. And for kids and adults throughout Sweden that means one thing. Lördagsgodis "Saturday candy" Americans have Saturday morning cartoons, Swedes have Saturday candy.
 And this is engrained in just about every sugar craving person, I remember when we first visited the US trying to keep the Saturday candy tradition alive. That didn’t fly for too long, unfortunately. But at the same time, Swedish candy is just so much better than American candy (yep! it is)

 Therein lies the origin of lördagsgodis. Saturday candy was invented so as to placate the masses. Because to deny children the sugary goodness of Swedish candy is darn near criminal, but to feed them as much as they want every day of the week results in a over-sugared, toothless/toothache and eventually, very unhealthy population. So the Swedes decided that one day out of the week would be mandated as candy day. And what better day than Saturday? And so it stuck. Obviously. You can look it up.
 Now just to be clear, plenty of candy gets eaten on other days of the week. Saturday is just the big one.

I must admit that Americans have better cookies than us.
I was totally transformed to the blue hairy Cookie Monster instead of being "me" the colorful AKA Candy Monster.

I've always taught of opening a Swedish Candy store in the States and other places in the world. I always wondered why none had done it? since all who taste it outside of SWE loves it.

Well surprise surprise... Sockerbit NYC is in the building! and has been for a little while, another bright head have tought about this. 
Now all of you New Yorkes could enjoy some sweetness out of Sweden.
Make It Work!

 Try adding a little variety into your pile with Swedish sweets from the newly opened Sockerbit. The Village Voice divvied all the details of the Swedish candy store that's been long overdue to open. Inside you'll find a completely white interior, with shelves hanging off the walls and filled to the brim with Swedish candies that most Americans won't recognize.
There are approximately 100 kinds of treats stocked at Sockerbit, running the usual gamut of hard and gummy candies, licorice, yogurt-covered treats and molded marshmallows, according to TheVillage Voice.
Pricing goes by weight, at $13 a pound, so you're free to mix and match however you like to scoop.
For more information on Sockerbit, visit The Village Voice.


89 Christopher St
(between S 7 Ave & S 7th Ave) 
ManhattanNY 10014
Neighborhood: West Village

(212) 206-8170

Poetry - Heart Land

Lord in Heaven
friend of mankind,

speak for the voiceless,
bear forth the blind
into the heartland
where compassion reigns
and the courts dispense peace
till the freedman regains
his sense of self worth
and dignity.
Let us emulate you,
till all men are born free.

Saggy Baggy

The beauty about wearing "baggy jeans", is that u can stuff things to your pants :)
Not only do they look kool they are cleaver 2.

Beautiful Syria

Syria - the Cradle of Civilization and the Gateway to History
Often called the Cradle of Civilization and the Gateway to History, Syria has played a core role in the history and development of civilized man. However Syria's natural boundaries did nothing for the security of the land. Its strategic location made it vulnerable and many invaders were able to conquer Syria. It has been a great crossroad for trade between the Mediterranean and the East; it exported the Alphabet to the West and has been linked to Religion from the beginning, from the Semitic Deities to the monotheistic faiths.
Damascus,"City of Jasmine" the world's oldest inhabited city.
Syria is often described as the largest small country in the world because of its wealth of ancient civilizations. You will feel that history comes to life in Syria.

 Let us all strive for peace In the land called Middle East, Let Syria Live. 

Kit Kat Kute


Albert Watson

The Scottish photographer Albert Watson has always been a prolific image-maker and has, during his career, photographed over 200 covers for magazines such as Vogue and Rolling Stone MagazinePhoto District News recently counted him among the 20 most important photographers of all time. 

(Road To No Where - Las Vegas)  

Fotografiska, Albert Watson will be presented with a retrospective of his iconic portraits, landscapes, and bold fashion images.
March 25 - June 12, 2011.

godiz - And ofcourse I was there to witness it all (with my cusin). I picked out one of my favo pictures "Road To No Where"  to post. 
I want it on my wall PRONTO! You could litterly step into the picture, that's how real it looks.


Charlie Chaplin, considered to be one of the most pivotal stars of the early days of Hollywood, lived an interesting life both in his films and behind the camera. He is most recognized as an icon of the silent film era, often associated with his popular "Little Tramp" character; the man with the toothbrush mustache, bowler hat, bamboo cane, and a funny walk. Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in Walworth, London, England on April 26th,1889 and Died December 25, 1977 (age 88) in Vevey, Switzerland. 

Happy Birthday!

Taking A Break From You My Love

I'm Breaking Up with my so loved "dark lip" I'm going to miss you (buuhuu) but don't you worry my dear, you will be back in fall. So long - until we meet again. Time for some brightness.

(also brows going back to black)

One Man Wrote...

Riddle me this, you give your all and all to the one you love yet don't get back what you deserve...yet you cling to hope of love changing that one... we so desire to be loved and our love accepted by the one we commit to, oh my fault that's my dream, I wont hate those who have crushed my heart but I will use it to make me stronger, I wont think there's no real love out there because I know I can not be the only one looking for that mate, my rib, my partner, my wife, my queen not my forerunner nor my back bone (sorry LADIES I have that in Christ Jesus my Lord and yes, my Saviour), but the companion I will build not only my house with but more so my legacy, a positive powerfull inpact on the world that will be carried on through many. I am married to a bride that none can compare to....
And now for as long as my Lord permits me to live I desire her to have as the woman I will learn to fight for, and die to keep safe, keep content, make happy, comfort, ride and fly with. She's out there some where but where, if you know her tell her what I said and that I'm waiting for her!


Count Down

West: San Antonio/Spurs, Los Angeles/Lakers, Dallas/Mavericks, Oklaholma City/Thunder, Denver/Nuggets, Portland/Trail Blazers, New Orleans/Hornets, Memphis/Grizzlies.

East:: Chicago/Bulls, Miami/Heat, Boston/Celtics, Orlando/Magic, Atlanta/Hawks, New York/Knicks, Philadelphia/76ers, Indiana/Pacers.

The playoffs begin with all of those teams wrestling with internal issues that could derail those championship dreams.

godiz - considering of getting a leauge pass this year aswell, since we "euros" ain't that big on the game.
Mostly getting it to watch the games on the big screen and not the laptop,
also (easier to throw sox at the TV) when upset!
Above all i would want to see a real life game - so if not this year definitley next year, It's ON!

Say Hello To Spring Sprung

Saying Bye Bye to the coldness with some creative icey/snow Art.
Goodbye Winter Wonder Land!

godiz - nice sculptures rite?

Bible Verse Sunday

prayer - Direction Provider, make Your will for my life clear. Strengthen me to know the difference between Your will and mine, and then, to follow Your directions.

MVP Race 10/11

Who should win the NBA MVP this season? Share your thoughts below.
(my #1 vote goes to Dwight Howard and #2 Dirk Nowitzki)

Who should win the NBA MVP this season?

Good Greif - Chuck!

godiz - For someone who loves Snoopy (such as I do) This is Paradise!

(goin' back to Cali) heart that one!
My favo Tees My favo Gang.

If You Really Knew Me...

Then you would have known that I always pretended/wanted/dreamed of being the "women" , in Michael Jackson's videos : )

Music Of The Month - One of these mornings (Moby)

Birth name: Richard Melville Hall
Born: Harlem, New York, U.S.
Genres: Electronic dance music
Pop rock
Occupations: DJ
Instruments: Turntables, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass guitar, Vocals, Drums
Years active 1982–present

The song "One Of These Mornings" (in a version including vocals by Patti LaBelle) was used at the start and end of the Torchwood episode "To the Last Man," as well as in a few episodes of Without a Trace and the film Miami Vice.
The track "One of these mornings" can be found on the album "18".

godiz -  This is one of my all time favo tracks - highly emotive, strong and moving with small but intricate elements. Give me anything melancholy, the happy/sad feeling (sooo me) luuuuvvvzzzzz!!!
Too bad this song don't have a video :(

My First 11

 It's my lil Lovies b-day! yayee!
My sweetness, you are my 1st and my best doggie ever, you've been one of my best buddies for 11 years now aawwwzzz, luv ya! 
sooo cuteeee!!! MMMWWAAAHHZZXXX!! 

Name: Theeo
Nickname: T, Mr T, Sneaker, Pumba
Age: 11
Skills: High 5:er
Personality: sweet
Trademark: loner

MOOSI - LOVE (4ever)

The Big Pony - RL

I'Am loving The Big Pony MEN's Collection, The 4 Fragrances From Ralph Lauren.
The iconic Big Pony polo shirt, with its bold colors and oversized Polo Player logo, inspired a kool team of fragrances. This collection continues the Ralph Lauren tradition of redefining American style while bringing choice and modernity to a new generation of men. Its flask bottles come in four bold colors, each representing a fragrance that evokes a man’s strengths and empowering him.

# 1 Sporty: This fresh, athletic tonic matches up lime and grapefruit to compel him to victory on the field.
# 2 Seductive: This sexy mix brings together dark chocolate and musk for a spicy and seductive fragrance.
 # 3 Adventurous: This crisp, outdoorsy scent matches mint with ginger root to trigger an adrenaline rush of extreme sensations.
# 4 Stylish: This energizing, citrusy fragrance layers mandarin and kyarawood for a one-of-a-kind aromatic signature.
Available at

At some places they will also give you a free handbag when purchase 

one of the Fragrances.

godiz - lots of likin' the green!