Stroke It For Me

I was silly dancing in my sisters room in front of the mirror, doing my hair & make up - getting ready to go out with some friends. Phone rang!!! change of plan.
No outing for me. So, i decided to go ahead and finish my make up anyways... I guess i kind of got "Rock The Boat" inspired from the outfit i had on. Went to YouToube and pressed play to take a closer look...

And here it goes... Interesting or not? I had fun :-) playing around.
So what, if i like being a nerd's it!

OOoh NOo Just noticed i forgot some last touches!
(tha hoop earrings, and some bling accessories)

Ooh whell next time maybe?   0:-)

(tell my sis she needs to clean her room)


  1. Damn girl you actually look like Aaliyah in that dancing scene. You fine as fuck and can most definitely get it. DAYUMMMMN

    1. I had forgotten about this post...