Movie Of The Month (Radio)

The story of a high school coach and the developmentally challenged man whom he took under his wing. 

Director: Michael Tollin
Writer: Mike Rich, and 1 more credit »
Stars: Cuba Gooding Jr., Ed Harris and Debra Winger

godiz - yes! i cried when i saw this one (of course) but i cry most of the times anyways... good movie though!

Bible Verse Sunday

prayer - Great I AM., thank You for being present with me even now. Help me to remember that You are not known as the Great used to be!


O'learys + Fam + Soccer + 18 

Bowling + Dinner + Friends + Party

godiz - the coat is fake fur, the drink is non.-alcohol and i had  x3 plates of that food :)
umm.. I think there are 19 candles lol, trouble counting but on the other hand i sux at math.


                                                                                                                                                    (my siss)


godiz - I smells like... Femme de LACOSTE & Flora by GUCCI My faves at the moment.


Bible study
Act or React: Anger can be defined as a strong feeling of belligerence aroused by a real or supposed inequity. God's anger was kindled against Miriam and Aaron when they talked against Moses because of his Ethiopian wife. Miriam became leprous (Num. 12:9-10). "The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy" (Ps. 103:8) God's anger is accepted as a holy response to our rebellion and sin - the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is an example (Gen. 19:1-25; Deut. 29:23). As women, we are often accused of wearing our hearts on our sleeves, meaning we are more likely to react to an inequity rather than thinking it through. Too often we allow anger to consume us to the point of not being able to move. Because of God's steadfast love toward us, we can step back from the situation and wait for divine leading. We need to become students of the Word of God, for it is our sword and shield. "by ye angry and sin not" (Eph. 4:26). "Not rendering evil for evil or railing (abuse) for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing" (1 Pet, 3:9). When confronted by circumstances or situations that you perceive as unjust, don't react too quickly even though you may feel hurt or threatened. Don't follow your fist impulse to curse. This angry response is sinful. Wait on the Lord. Anger may boil within, but praise the Lord. We need to ask ourselves if we are willing to trust God enough to release our anger into His care. Can we focus on the energy our anger produces into positive action? We need to be constant in prayer so that, when we are bumped, what spills out is wisdom from high. "The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom" (Prov. 10:31). A person who acts instead of reacts is a person who is secure in who he is, what he believes, and how he is to respond (Col. 3:23-24). His or Her  reactions are not determined by another's actions. That person is guided by the wisdom of the Lord. Our God is glorified when we act rather than react.

Read Numbers 12:19-10; see also Proverbs 16:1-3; Galatias 5:22-26; 6:6-10; Ephesians 4:30-32. 

NBA Recap!

chek it out:

Two of my faves of course Chandler and Anthony :) Loving the guy from Minnesota T's, Ricky Rubio and the rookie number 7, Brandon Knight who plays for the D Pistons. How great was that pass from The White Mamba? great block from Ebaka and what about "speedy" Durant, hello!? and Heey! we can't forget about Gallo's 37p!!!

Wish List - Maxwell Live

I really, really, really REALLY wanna see a Maxwell performances live. This man is amazing, incredibly talented and musical. Simply mesmerizing and beyond flawless "I'll give you the blood that I bleed and the breath that I breath"this is what i call art. The more you strip it down the more you reveal that pure passion! TAKE ME TO THAT PLACE NOW!!! i wanna be there :(

 godiz - somebody posted under this video - *prays* thank the Lord ,for making a MAN so sexy and talented. now give me one lol (I agree haha!) couldn't decide what version to post check this one out  I wanna laugh/cry at the same time. His vocals are perfection, sweeter than cotton candy. I adore Maxwell.

Maxwell is the king of deep drowning soul! A genre he created by singing!

RIP to Etta James January 25, 1938 – January 20, 2012

From the V for H&M Collection

This is what i got from the VERSACE cruise collection for H&M...
To bad that you couldn't buy each bikini bottom & top piece in different sizes - then i would have bought a bikini as well. The green bathing suit is only H&M, It matched with the look :) I was trying to get a T-shirt from the men's collection but they where ALL sold out. I liked a black one they had.
this is what i got last time... I love the crazy prints!

godiz - hopefully everything will fit this time. I don't like the whole returning process.


SNL - Surprise Party


Description: Kristen Wiig and Christopher Walken star in this "Saturday Night Live" skit about a woman overly excited about an upcoming surprise party.

godiz - my friend sent me this video LOL check it out It's hilarious!


Angelina Jolie Golden Globe Awards 2012

godiz - as i said before this woman looks AMAZING! timeless beauty, her taste is beyond gorgeous. Loving the snow-white look.

see also:

Happy Birthday Babygirl

In Loving Memory Of Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1979 - 2001 

Random Aaliyah Facts
  • By the time her campaign with Tommy Hilfiger ended thier profits rose over $66.2 million dollars
  • Aaliyah's grandmother made her star search outfit
  • Both her and Rashad (her brother) had matching stuffed orangutangs hers was named Lina his Lil
  • When she got her first royalty check Diane (mom) told her not to blow it all on waffles
  • Micheal now wears Liyah's class ring around his neck on a chain
  • The Haughton's once had a duck and an iguana as a pet 
  • Aaliyah once pushed a boy down the stairs for being mean to her
  • The first song she ever recorded in the studio was "old school"
  • Aaliyah was born at 6:50 PM and also died at 6:50 PM
  • She once performed in a talent show with her friends doing En Vouge's hold on (she was Dawn)
  • During the shoot for got to give it up during the first take she was walking up the hood of the car she fell off the car and did a backwards flip before falling on the ground the director kept playing the clip over and over again 
  • While she was performing one in a million on stage a dancer was supposed to rip her suit of but he couldn't get the pant leg off so he left her walking around the stage with half the suit still on her
  • During a radio show with a whole bunch of celebrities Aaliyah was feeling and lookin hot and was full of confindence (cute) so she was walking around and struttin her stuff and thought the glass booth door was open but it wasn't and she smashed into the door and had to pretend for the rest of the show she was okay 
  • Aaliyah had a habit of fallin asleep through movies
  • At the time of her death Aaliyah had signed 7 movie deals
  • Keith Wallace was supposed to get married on sept 7, 2001
  • Rashad and Aaliyah always had fights about who ate the last ice cream scoop
  • Aaliyah had a dream of being a spokes person for cancer
  • When Diane (Aaliyah's mom) phones Missy she always get emotional about her daughter
  • Damon would make everyone be quiet if Aaliyah was trying to sleep and everyone else was up
  • The main reason Aaliyah was able to pull of the crying scene in RMD was because it was on the anniversary of her grandmothers death
  • Aaliyah liked to chase the crew of QOTD around with blood in her mouth pretending to bite them
  • Kidada Jones was one of Aaliyah's closest girl friends
  • Christina Aguilera said Aaliyah asked her once to perform at her wedding
  • Gladys and Barry were the first non immediate family members to see Aaliyah when she was first born
  • Rashad and Aaliyah are 18 months apart
  • The first line Aaliyah ever said on stage was "your gonna get the paddle in Annie"
  • During the last scene in QOTD she was airbrushed gray teeth included and wore alabaster contacts
  • She prayed before every meal and before going to bed
  • She owned a big pair of false teeth and woke Missy up frequently doing the crying scene from RMD while wearing the teeth trying to get her to laugh
  • Yeah she had a thing for the teeth when she first met Mac from RMD she was wearing the teeth and he kept looking at her like who is this girl she needs braces!
  • She tried to play a joke on Jet Lee using the teeth during the deleted kissing scene but he didn't laugh until the director yelled cut 
  • Aaaliyah was a skunk for halloween 1999
godiz - correct me if any of the above statements are incorrect.

To Aaliyah My Love My Inspiration and My one and ONLY Female role model, I just wanna remind you once again that I LOVE YOU! 

Bible Verse Sunday

prayer - God help me find peace within myself so I can make peace.

My Heart Is Somewhere Else

I miss Cali soooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH! The weather fam/friends, people on the streets and just the whole vibe!!! I'm physically in SWE/Sthlm but emotionally I'm in LA/CA I think It's time for another visit soon. It feels like 2nd Home.

Reminiscing in the cold... 

<----- I have no clue who that guy is :)

California Love!

godiz - can't post ALL pix too many!