Bible Verse Sunday

prayer - Reliable Deliverer: I magnify Your great name for choosing me to do work worthy of You. Help me know that You can choose a woman to win the war for Your people. Thank You or being the God who never fails!

Garbage Green

Sweden is So Green It Has to Import Garbage
Recycling in Sweden has been so successful that the Scandinavian country has to import garbage from its European neighbors.
Yes, we should all be in such a predicament!
As Public Radio International reports, only four percent of household waste in Sweden ends up in municipal landfills; the rest is recycled or is sent to waste-to-energy power plants, where it is burned as fuel. A report from Swedish Waste Management touts Sweden as offering the “best example” for a “greener future,” noting that the country is able to recover the most energy from each ton of waste via its waste-to-energy plants.
Indeed, the waste-to-energy plants do just what their name says. The “waste-powered” plants provide 20 percent of Sweden’s district heating, in which heated water is pumped through pipes to residential and commercial buildings, as well as electricity for a quarter of a million homes and over 4.6 million households.
Other statistics confirm just how green Sweden is. According to the most recent figures from Eurostat, only 1 percent of waste from Swedish households ends up in landfill, in contrast to 38 percent for European countries on average. As the French newspaper Le Monde details, 36 percent of waste in Sweden is recycled, 14 percent composted and more than 49 percent incinerated, the highest rate in the EU after Denmark (54 percent) and well above the European average (22 percent).
Sweden Has to Import Garbage
Since Sweden does not produce enough burnable waste for its energy needs, it has been importing 800,000 tons of trash a year from other European countries including neighboring Norway. It’s cheaper for Norway to export its trash rather than to burn it itself.
Emissions from the burning waste are a concern, as well as dioxin and heavy metals in the ashes. Sweden’s regulations about limiting these are strict and with good result as, since the 1980s, they have led to a 90 percent reduction in the release of hydrogen chloride and sulfur oxides (responsible for acid rain).
Catarina Ostlund, Senior Advisor for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, says that heavy metal emissions are landfilled and then the ashes are re-exported back to Norway. She hopes that countries including Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic countries might follow Sweden and build their own incineration or recycling plants, as they currently diposed of their waste in landfills. Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania do have new waste-to-energy initiatives that could lead to more sustainable management of waste and energy resources. Since some of these countries are currently mired in financial difficulties including massive debt, it’s to be hoped that environmentally-friendly policies do not get pushed aside.
As Ostlund notes, it could be possible that in the future, “waste will be valued even more so maybe you could sell your waste because there will be a shortage of resources within the world.” Now that — being able to re-use our waste to supply our needs for fuel — would be turning trash “into gold.”

godiz - read the comments under the article (click the link above) I'm glad we are doing something good.

Tweet Tweet

Woke up hearing/seeing a tweeting little bird in the living room. Me being scared of flying objects, closed the living room door immediately... Thank God the window was open so it could find It's way out, poor lil birdie. I wish i wasn't that scared, cause he/she was real cute.

Kiss The Frog!

A Hundred Thousand

I've reached over a 100.000 page views, WooHoo! I guess I'm a tiny bit interesting haha! "not that much" but hey! I'm all good with a mini circle. Thanks for clicking through... 

Bless ya'll!

spread the luv (real love) 


I'm hired to be a doggy photographer today, wiiihuuu!!! how fun! The pic above is one of my fave doggies (Robert) Rob, cutie right?

Dressed For The Emmy's 2012

Kelly Osbourn - Zac Posen Dress

Lena Dunham - J Mendel dress

Heidi Klum shows leg 2012 emmy awards
Heidi Klum - Alexandre Vauthier dress

 Leslie Mann

Kerry Washington - Vivienne Westwood dress

 Julianne Moore

Morena Baccarin - Basil Soda Dress

godiz - just cause i picked these as my favorite dressed, don't mean I like what they are wearing necessarlily on them :)

Seek For Reality In Your Inner Life

The Will (the choice we make in life)

The heart is where you choose. That will determent who you are. Not what you understand, in the mind. Faith does not rest in your mind. It's in your heart where you believe.

Falling Back On Fall

And I'm cold... Fresh Desktop Wallpapers · Animal Life · Nature 
 Autumn wallpapers - fallen leaves

NBA - Transactions 2012/2013 Season

I don't really know what to say about all of these...transactions lately, mixed feelings indeed.
Any one wanna comment on a few? Well feel free...


Music Of The Month - Neva Go Back (Special Ed)

Birth name: Edward Archer
Born:  May 16, 1972
Origin: Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York
Genres: Hip hop Years active 1989–present
Labels: Profile Records Semi Records

godiz - Always liked S.E


Chocolate Chip VS Snicker-Doodle:

Oh! let me tell... so, I tried baking Cocoa Chip Cookies and spent almost the whole night trying (don't even ask how many sheets)
and they came out tasting like Yuck! :(

disaster is a kind word to describe them suckers :)

I was going to throw them outside to feed the birds, but on second thoughts that would have made them stop flying.

The trash bin was kind enough to take them...

Next day:
Still wanting cookies... My bright head got the idea to try another cookie, but this time the victim was Snicky D (snickerdoodles)

Dusting off the flour and trying again...

And boy, let me tell ya...
I'm full, smiling, surprised & happy. They came out tasting Yummy! Woohoo!!

The key is to not give up! I'm planning to be the best cookie baker in town :D

Looks can deceive... (disaster cookies) CCC

My Snick's Waiting to be EATEN!!!

Ruth & Naomi

Friendship: Intimacy With Others - In the Scripture, no greater example of intimate friendship is portrayed than the relationship between Naomi and Ruth. In the words of Scripture, Ruth clung to Naomi (Ruth 1:14) and her vow to Naomi stands as one of the most beautiful commitments of friendship in history (Ruth 1:16-17). They were friends that loved at all times - in good and bad situations. Their actions freely demonstrated the self-sacrificing love that builds intimacy in any relationship. This type of love would "lay down his life for his friend" as Jesus spoke of (see John 15:13). Intimacy bears with it the great possibility for great pain. Betrayal is so much more hurtful when it comes at the hand of a trusted, intimate friend (Ps. 55:12-14). Intimate friendship is disrupted by petty disputation, lack of trustworthiness (Prov. 16:28). All of these things are intimacy breakers. Read Ruth 1.

Watch Me

godiz - I bought this rose-gold DKNY watch to my sister for her b-day. She loved it!... now I'm thinking I'm wanting the black one, It works for both women and men. And that is what I usually like in fashion. I'm starting to love watches a lot! :) They are classy and will never go out of style. Even if you wear a cell phone, It's way cooler to wear a watch. Watch out...

Last Wordz

my friend is helping to arrange his event, and he put me as number one on his list.. since he knows i'm the number one tupac fan lol

I've been a 2pac fan over 15 years! RIP


Don't let the darkness of the past cover the brightness of the future.

A Marriage Blessed By God

Two Are Better Than One: The purpose of a partner, is that together we can make a stronger home and a life for God than what we could by ourselves. A life must become more spiritual after we get married. And not less.

Have hope and build your house with wisdom. Knowledge without wisdom is nothing.

Seek to live in the presence of God all the time, God is the only one who can keep us together.

Brian & Stewie Over!

godiz - LMBO this is so frikken hilarious, I laugh every time LOL!

If You Really Knew Me...

Then you should know that I'm really sensative to strong smelling things...

(especially smoke and real strong perfume/cologne, makes me wanna puke)

Ready or Not?

P4CM Presents Ready or Not by Featured RHETORIC Poets Ezekiel & Janette