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Take A Dive

(miss mermaid)

I'm thinking of maybe start doing some sort of Swimming Workouts and swim my way to a fit figure. 
I really like the water "fish" and you actually use every muscle in you're body. On top of that it's like 10 times easier to move in the water, cause you're basically weightless. I believe that it will also help with my stiff shoulders, back and neck that I get during this time of year when It's so cold. Combined with some sauna time after, I think this will be perfect for me :) plus I like the lean type muscles, I don't want to look built up or bulky. I think I'm going to try this at least one time a week and see how it goes. 

Commitment to Community

Bible Study: God answered Hannah's fervent prayers for a child only when Hannah pledged to give the child back to God. God wanted her to dedicate the child to serve Him. By serving God, Samuel could be used by God to serve as one of God's greatest prophets and to save the community from the selfish excesses of Eli's sons in the Tabernacle. God used Hanna's faithful cry of pain to fulfill God's purpose for the community. People who believe in Christ are in a special place in this world. We have the special ability to see and to feel the struggles of those around us in a way that those in "power" cannot. As believers in Christ, we know that God works through people on the opposite side of the political and economic power structure to create change and to move the world to new levels of civility. When we fervently pray and humble ourselves to God's will for our lives as Hannah did, we open ourselves to what God would have us to give back to our communities. We give back to God by helping others and by becoming engaged in the struggle to create a political and economic system that recognizes the worth of all of God's children. By faithfully offering our best to God, like Hannah, we become empowered by God to create communities that reflect His love.
Read 1 Samuel 1:1-2:21.

NBA All-Star Reserves & Starters

Eastern Conference


Western Conference



godiz - Yes! for Melo, Rondo and Howard the rest I don't really care about. Duncan and Chandler, shummon!!!! Who did you vote for?


Happy B-Day Mikey! 

godiz - my "little" brothers birthday today <3

Warming Up

godiz - when It's cold outside, make sure you're warm on the inside

Emotional Quoties!

The feeling is often the deeper truth, the opinion the more superficial one.  
~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare

How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling.  ~Claude Debussy

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.  
~Roger Ebert

Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.  
~Jonatan MÃ¥rtensson

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” 
-Helen Keller

“Resentment is often a inner signal that  has been ignored an important God-given responsibility - that of making choices.” 
- Brenda Waggoner

“people will forget what you said, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 
―Jason Barger 

“Joy is but the sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose.” 
―Chrles Du Bos


It's 2 Cold 2 Type

So cold ddddd d d... I don't even wanna sit infront of my laptop lol, Help!


just some random pictures I took... look at them Rudolph babies, super cute :)

Air Mail

From one of the most Amazing people I've ever known
Jason Snead
Best Friends Forever!
You are Fam to me.

Even though you've lost a dear brother, I have now truly gained one.

They say that true friendship is rare
An adage that I believe to be true
Genuine friendship is something that I cherish
I am so lucky to have met you.

Our bond is extremely special
It is unique in it's own way
We have something irreplaceable 
I love you more and more each day.

We've been through so much together
In so little time we've shared 
I will never forget all the moments
that you've shown me how much you cared.

Friends are forever
Especially the bond that you and I possess
I love your fun-filled personality
Somehow you never fail to impress.

The world could use more people like you
it would certainly be a better place
I love everything about you
You are someone I could never replace.

You are always there for me
When my spirits need a little lift
I cannot thank you enough for that
You are truly an extraordinary gift.

(not written by me, but from me)


Sunday Song - Take Me To The King

godiz -  Love these two testimonies/posts I found under this video. Amazing song. 
Amen! Take me to the KING! Wishing you a sweet Sunday.

At my darkest hours, when I wanted to give up, when I was tired and lonely, depressed, hurting, disappointed, after having given my all and yet received nothing, I was disillusioned, hurt and wounded. But for Jesus Christ and his Love for me along with the Word of God embedded in my heart, I drew closer to him and followed him to the Cross. I have nothing to give to him but my heart, body and soul. Take it Lord Jesus take it. Broken but healed by the Blood of Jesus.

My reason for following Jesus is, at my darkest hour, when my "FRIENDS" aren't available, when love seems transparent, when I have given all I can yet received nothing, I know that Jesus is with me. I know he gave his life for a sinner like me. If that is not love, then I don't know what is. Growing up I always heard "BE A LEADER, NOT A FOLLOWER." Now that I am grown,I choose to FOLLOW the lord and let him LEAD me in the right direction!


I want to dedicate this post to my little sister that I admire, for being courageous and for staying true to herself, I am Impressed and very proud to be her bigger sister. Always be what you believe. The winners are those who stands even when everything falls apart. You are an inspiration! God will give you the strength, when the world turn on you. Only the true will see how outstanding you are. Stay positive and continue spreading that passion, you are a shining example.
Faith is bigger than fear, remember that. I love you so much ( my angel eyez :)

Naomi and Ruth

Be that self which one truly is. 
/Soren Kierkegaard

Golden Globe Fashion 2013

My favorite Dresses randomly
Nicole Richie In Naeem Khan - 2013 Golden Globe Awards
Nicole Richie 

Zooey Deschenal In Oscar de la Renta - 2013 Golden Globes
Zoe Deschanel - Oscar De Larenta

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen - 2013 Golden Globe Awards
Kate Hudson - Alexander Mcqueen

Julianne Hough In Monique Lhuillier - 2013 Golden Globe Awards
Julianna Hough

Ariel Winter In Valentino - 2013 Golden Globe Awards
Ariel Winter

Catherine Zeta-Jones In Jenny Packham - 2013 Golden Globe Awards
Chaterine Zeta Jones

Kerry Washington In Miu Miu - 2013 Golden Globe Awards
Kerry Washington - Miu Miu

Me & My DF

Just hanging with my moosi pie at work :)

Bible Verse Sunday

prayer - Compassionate God, give me a discerning spirit to know how to do what is just.

NIV & ESV False Doctrine?

Click the link for more information: http://www.trustingodamerica.com/NIV.htm
You can also google other websites to read more about this...
(any Bible after 1611 is said to be false)

godiz - Thanks Shawn for sharing this (interesting) personally I read the KJV. Jesus is God <3

Fishy Facts

Pisces woman personality traits and characteristics

Often described as the zodiacs sexiest women, Pisces are ultra-feminine and often highly attractive. Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac; mysterious, spiritual, imaginative and idealistic.
Pisces women often sense and feel things which other less sensitive folk miss, sometimes making them seem more than a little psychic and mysterious at times. They often pick up on the subtle and unspoken, and are often skilled at subconsciously reading signals from others, such as body language. This powerful intuition can be applied in many directions, for example she may be an excellent emotional healer, a creative artist or an astute business woman.
Pisces empathy
Highly sympathetic, compassionate, self-sacrificing and unassuming, Pisces women are the most likely to absorb emotions from the environment around them, often becoming happy or depressed based on the mood of others.
Due to this they often prefer the company of optimists over pessimists and this creates it's own set of problems, as optimists are generally far less sensitive and compassionate, traits which are equally important in the partner of a Pisces woman in their own ways.
Pisces idealism
Many Pisces discover that the best route to finding inner peace is to give to others, and in many respects this is the most generous and selfless sign. They tend to give a piece of themselves to anyone they care for, and often get a lot of satisfaction from helping others in general.
They think with their heart and not their head, tending to dislike confrontation or hurting others in any way, and often have difficulty saying no or leaving bad situations or relationships. They tend to always go with the flow' and friction of any kind drains their energy.
One side-effect of their combination of personality traits is sadly that Pisces is easily taken advantage of and manipulated by the uncaring or bossy. This can sometimes create a vicious cycle of lowered self worth and increased need for approval, typically from the very person who is bad for them. One of their greatest life lessons is to learn to be a little selfish, in order to better choose who deserves their help and love.
An idealist at heart, it's common for Pisceans to be attracted to drama, art, creativity or fantasy in an attempt to escape from the gritty reality and periodic disappointments of life.
Due to the combination of the above factors Pisces typically make attractive lovers to most other signs, though they are compatible with relatively few.

Pisces Match: http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/venuspiscescompatibility.html

Pisces Fashion & Friendship: http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/pisceswomanlove.html

Pisces Love and Compatibility: http://www.astrology.com/love-compatibility-pisces-pisces/2-d-lvmt-pisces_pisces

godiz - Since I'm a Pisces, It's sometimes fun to read about my sign, not that i take things literally nor firmly believe in everything written (In God I trust) plus I can form my own. My sign does not define me, but some of It's traits are definitely (me) in a nutshell lol, It's good to know who you are and great to stand for what you believe in, that way nothing else will affect you, not even a zodiac sign. Overall, there is a lot of positivity and goodness said about the Pisceans and I like that, I would like to think that I am too (good and positive). After all I am a Jesus Fish, duh! 
Will see whom I'll end up with and if any of this make any sense lol If you're bored click on the links above to see who'your "best" match is. I believe God know's mine ;) 

NBA - All Star Vote!

If you wan't to vote for you're favorite players, click the link below...

5 Dangers A Christian Worker Faces


Any fool can criticize others
Don't be a fool to criticize, what you see is right but won't solve the problem. It takes a wise man to correct that wrong. Behave in such a way that people can once again see what Jesus Christ was like.
(that is the greatest ministry you can fulfill)

To loose you're first love to the Lord
It's very difficult to preserve your love for the Lord, when people around you may be seeking other things. Fix you're vision on Jesus alone. Don't look at the people around you, don't judge them.
Be devoted to Him and don't loose the love you felt when you first was converted to Him.

Act's of immortality
Keeping the passion under control. Sin is always serious, don't destroy the things God has planned for you. Don't sell you're birth-right for a little pleasure.

Seeking a name for yourself 
(you have a name that you are alive, but are dead)
There are many things God will give us, blessings, gifts of the spirit, grace, but there is one thing He will never give us and that's His glory. The glory belongs to the Lord. We are not supposed to touch the glory of God. That is reserved for Him alone. Humble you're self.

Loosing the fire
They say something is better than nothing? In the kingdom of God something is not better than nothing. You either have 0% or you have 100% don't be a 50/50 type of person.
You can loose anything, but don't loose the fire of God in you're life, give up any price to keep the fire of God living in you.

It's easy to fall, but God's love helps us to correct ourselves, I have failed many times and I still do, but I refuse to let people steal my fire. God's Glory!


godiz - I'm collecting all of the NBA teams "my new hobby" smile!