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Bible Study: Motherhood is an expected, or sometimes unexpected, opportunity to introspectively look at the mirror image of oneself in the eyes of one's beloved. In the midst of this ministry called motherhood, the reflection can remind us of the unresolved issues that have been carefully tucked away and the revelation of the very remnant of good that God created in all of us. To discover the good or perhaps not so good in oneself is to continue the lifelong journey of womanhood rather than motherhood. In order to fulfill the high calling of motherhood, self-discovery as a woman first, is paramount. When the children leave the nest (yes, they do leave) the image of you, the woman, will be in the mirror. Will you know her? A wise mother builds her family up rather than tears them down with hurtful words. Children will not remember so much what was said but how the words where said. (see Prov. 14:1). Even while feeling a potpourri of emotions, motherhood is a 24-hour ministry of comfort (see Isa. 66:12-13). Like a good roller-coaster ride, motherhood at times is a slow, fearful climb that suddenly drops only to disrupt the state of comfort and normalcy in our lives. When you realize that the ride has come to halt, you can sometimes laugh and move on  to the next adventure. Motherhood is likened to a home study course in managing multiple projects, from gathering school materials, providing economic stability, finding five- minute nutritional subsistence, and nurturing those entrusted in our care by physical, emotional, or spiritual birth. In this motherhood course, finding personal fulfillment becomes the goal during certain seasons of life (1 Kin. 3:26-27). Mothers may not be sure of the reasoning behind God's having chosen them to sacrifice so much, but it is a call that must be answered. God's mothering representatives in our lives have sacrificed so much over the years. It is this sacrificial love toward us that drives us to pass this legacy on to our children. Take the example of the woman in 1 Kings 3:16-28. King Solomon knew that the natural mother loved her child so much that she would give her child over to another woman rather than to watch her child die. This is the hallmark of sacrificial love.  For women who consider motherhood a job because the valleys far outweigh the peaks, the valleys necessary reminders. Sometimes the best way to understand God's will is to let go and let God have His way. We will learn more about the value in the valley as we allow God to work out the plan already predestined for our lives. You can't fulfill the call of motherhood without a daily consultation and guidance from our God (Acts 21:14). There is value in the valley because God is there with us. In the forty-ninth chapter of Isaiah, the prophet uses an illustration of a newborn baby's mother to remind us that God's love for His people is unchanging. Isaiah reminds us that the love we have for those entrusted to our mothering care is like the sacrificial love God has for us. Because there is not a circumstance that can separate us from God's love, we ought not to allow anything to separate us from our love for our beloved. One that loves as God loves will correct and punish for the good of her beloved one's eternal destiny (Deut. (8:5). A spirit-led mother understands that in the midst of a disciplinary act, she must always show the kind of love that God shows when He disciplines us. Like some of  our mothers would tell us, sometimes "it really does hurt me more than it does you!" Peace of mind will come through the foundational love God requires in the obedience to His Word. As one song writer says, "I'm so glad trouble don't last always". The song speaks of the child-maturing acts of mothering. In our maturation, we realize that sometimes putting regular deposits of love in early will return eternal dividends in the future. The eternal dividends may seem so far off. The returns are not measured by money. They are measured by a heavenly peace felt deep within, when your spirit whispers to your soul that you have fulfilled the mothering call on your life. Look again, mothers, in the eyes of your beloved! 
Read 1 King 3:26-27.

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NBA Draft Round 1 & 2

CBSSports.com NBA Writer Matt Moore analyzes each pick from Round 1 and 2 of the 2013 NBA Draft, grading each team on its draft-night selections.

1BCavaliers select: Anthony Bennett, PF, UNLV
I like a lot of what he provides. Good instincts. Size is gonna be an issue. However, if you put Bennett with a great point guard, he can be elite.
2AMagic select: Victor Oladipo, SG, Indiana
It's very likely that he's going to be able to contribute. The wingspan isn't great. But I think that he gives Orlando a lot.
3A+Wizards select: Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown
He's a leader. He's going to be able to attack for them. This Wizards team is really headed in the right direction.
4D+Bobcats select: Cody Zeller, PF, Indiana
He's going to get blocked all the time. His level of aggressiveness near the basket is not where it needs to be. He's going to have problems with guys that are more physical. Does he have the skill to overcome that?
5FSuns select: Alex Len, C, Maryland
I'm probably being too harsh on him. But I look at his pick and roll, I look at his strength at the basket, and I look at his upside to what he can possibly be, and I don't see a dominant player.
6APelicans select: Nerlens Noel, C, Kentucky
The only reason it's not an A+ is the knee issue. I really like his ability to block shots. He's instinctive. When he starts learning some veteran tricks, he can be dangerous. Great job by New Orleans.
7BKings select: Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas
A good pick for them, but maybe not transcendent. He has the ability to be a game changer or a ghost for the Kings. Nothing in between.
8B-Pistons select: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG, Georgia
I like him a lot. I don't care about what he did in college; that team was bad. A little bit of a reach, absolutely. But when you look at what Detroit needs, it's a great fit.
9ATimberwolves select: Trey Burke, PG, Michigan
This trade makes a lot of sense. Utah needs a point guard. This is perfect for them. The exact right move.
10A+Trail Blazers select: C.J. McCollum, PG, Lehigh
McCollum is a combo guard. I think he covers up for Damian Lillard's weaknesses. He can create off the dribble, score dynamically and be an outside shooter.
11B-76ers select: Michael Carter-Williams, PG, Syracuse
It's hard to see who they could have taken that would be better. There are questions about his decision making. Overall, he's athletic and he's got big moves. Philadelphia gets Noel and Williams, a fascinating combo for the Sixers as they try to start over.
12FThunder select: Steven Adams, C, Pittsburgh
He's so raw. He has terrible hands. I really don't like his strength. How is he going to be able to produce? I just don't think he's going to be able to contribute for the Thunder.
13CMavericks select: Kelly Olynyk, C, Gonzaga
Dallas is sending him to Boston. I would rather go with someone with a little more umph. I'm not sold on his muscle. The Celtics needed his position; I'm just not sure he's going to translate very well.
14C+Jazz select: Shabazz Muhammad, SF, UCLA
Utah has traded this pick to Minnesota. His success is going to depend a lot on whether he can make the NBA three. He's gotta be able to stretch the floor. I like that he's not going to be asked to create. He's going to be a role player.
15B-Bucks select: Giannis Adetokundo, SF, Greece
It's a position move for Milwaukee and it helps them out considerably in that area. He's 18, but this kid is talked about as being ready right now. With his athleticism, he's got a great chance.
16CCeltics select: Lucas Nogueira, C, Brazil
This pick ends up in Atlanta, via trade from Boston through Dallas. I'm not really sold on Nogueira being anything special. He could be OK, but for Atlanta, it's really a question mark. I don't understand why you trade up to get him.
17A+Hawks select: Dennis Schroeder, PG, Germany
I love this pick. Absolutely phenomenal. Schroeder is a guy who can come in and direct that offense. He and Al Horford are going to do damage. They're going to tear guys up.
18BHawks select: Shane Larkin, PG, Miami (Fla.)
This pick goes to Dallas via trade. I like his aggressiveness. I like his intangibles and his fearlessness. I'm worried about his size. I'm also concerned because Rick Carlisle can be very hard on point guards.
19A-Cavaliers select: Sergey Karasev, SF, Russia
I think he has questions, but he can come in and contribute right now at this level. It's also a really good pick for the Cavaliers from a position standpoint.
20A-Bulls select: Tony Snell, SG, New Mexico
Do I think he has the upside of Allen Crabbe? No, I don't. But I think he's going to be able to slide right in and contribute for the Bulls.
21B+Jazz select: Gorgui Dieng, C, Louisville
This pick ends up in Minnesota via trade. Very solid pick. Maybe shooting guard might've been a better position pick, but I love what he brings. Kevin Love and Dieng together? All of your rebounds now belong to Minnesota.
22A-Nets select: Mason Plumlee, C, Duke
It's a bold pick, but I kind of like it for the Nets. A fine compliment for a team that needs help at power forward. A smart player who can also bring muscle.
23D+Pacers select: Solomon Hill, SF, Arizona
I don't know what they saw in him. It's baffling. What made Solomon Hill the guy they go after?
24B+Knicks select: Tim Hardaway Jr., SG, Michigan
Needs to improve his accuracy at the free throw line. But the Knicks landed a solid guy here in Hardaway that will help them in several ways. But he's not a passer. So the question is when is he going to get the ball?
25B-Clippers select: Reggie Bullock, SG, North Carolina
Not a home run but a very solid pick. I have some questions about him. His form in terms of release could be considered excellent. He doesn't have the fastest shot in the world. Good size.
26B-Timberwolves select: Andre Roberson, PF, Colorado
This pick heads to Oklahoma City via a trade involving Golden State. I like a lot about what I saw from Roberson this year. A little bit of a reach, but not a phenomenal one.
27CNuggets select: Rudy Gobert, C, France
In yet another trade, this pick heads to Utah from Denver. Gobert gives them a very talented guy whom they can develop. I like his footwork a lot. There are questions about his strength, toughness and ability to work hard. Smart pick for Utah, stacking talent and going young.
28D-Spurs select: Livio Jean-Charles, SF, French Guiana
I think they could have gotten him later if they traded down.
29B+Thunder select: Archie Goodwin, SG, Kentucky
This pick winds up in Phoenix via trade. I like this pick a lot. It gives the Suns a significant upgrade on the wing.
30DSuns select: Nemanja Nedovic, PG, Serbia
I'm not a fan of this pick. I think he's more of a project. I'm not sold on him as a big contributor.

31A+Cavaliers select: Allen Crabbe, SG, California
He's headed to Portland in a trade. An absolute steal at this point and a tremendous shooter for them to add off the bench.
32B+Thunder select: Alex Abrines, SG, Spain
Tremendous playmaker and scorer with great athleticism. He can contribute immediately.
33C+Cavaliers select: Carrick Felix, SG, Arizona State
A little bit of a reach but if he can contribute defensively, it's worth it.
34B-Rockets select: Isaiah Canaan, PG, Murray State
They need point guard depth but he tends to attack into the trees too much.
35A+76ers select: Glen Rice Jr., SF, Georgia Tech
This pick heads to Washington via trade. Big and athletic, able to contributed right away. Tremendous value pick.
36A+Kings select: Ray McCallum, PG, Detroit
Able to fill an immediate need and could be a part of their future if they clean house. Good creator for a team that needs it.
37A+Pistons select: Tony Mitchell, PF, North Texas
Great bench guy to bring energy and muscle. There were questions about Andre Drummond's motor,too. Look how that worked out.
38A-Wizards select: Nate Wolters, PG, South Dakota State
They have a legitimate need at backup point guard and this gives them a high upside talent to develop.
39B-Trail Blazers select: Jeff Withey, C, Kansas
They need a center, so that works. But you wonder about a lineup with him and Meyers Leonard. The mega-awkward lineup.
40CTrail Blazers select: Grant Jerrett, PF, Arizona
Good power and range. If he can find a way to contribute defensively, he could stick.
41BGrizzlies select: Jamaal Franklin, SG, San Diego State
Works as an effective combination scoring wise. Doesn't stretch the floor, but they need a creator.
42B-76ers select: Pierre Jackson, PG, Baylor
Tiny tiny tiny, but able to produce as a pure point. Getting crowded in that backcourt.
43B+Bucks select: Ricky Ledo, SG, Providence
Headed to Dallas via trade. Ledo could have been a low-20s pick and this is good value. But will the Mavericks give him a chance to prove himself?
44C-Mavericks select: Mike Muscala, C, Bucknell
Headed to Milwaukee via trade. He's not able to give them enough and they're loaded down low anyway.
45DTrail Blazers select: Marko Todorovic, C, Serbia
6-11 is great, but what kind of role does he feel?
46A+Jazz select: Erick Green, PG, Virginia Tech
Fantastic talent at a position they need. Big pickup for them.
47D-Hawks select: Raul Neto, PG,
It's like Ricky Rubio, only he'll never play for them.
48C-Lakers select: Ryan Kelly, PF, Duke
Does he help them re-sign Dwight Howard? Then this doesn't matter.
49A-Bulls select: Erik Murphy, PF, Florida
Good value here and fills a significant need off the bench for a big.
50BHawks select: James Ennis, SF, Long Beach State
The Hawks needed small forward depth but I wonder if he's really going to be able to translate his game.
51FMagic select: Romero Osby, PF, Oklahoma
23 years old in the second round? Never a good look.
52A-Timberwolves select: Lorenzo Brown, PG, N.C. State
First-round talent at a position of need. Provides relief for Rubio.
53BPacers select: Colton Iverson, C, Colorado State
Big, raw, just what the doctor ordered for their frontcourt.
54B-Wizards select: Arsalan Kazemi, PF, Iran
Terrific rebounding ability worth a look on a summer league team.
55CGrizzlies select: Joffrey Lauvergne, PF, Mulhouse
Headed to Denver via trade. Unlikely to make an impact short or long term.
56B+Pistons select: Peyton Siva, PG, Louisville
Had great workouts, terrific work ethic, good leadership.
57B+Suns select: Alex Oriakhi, PF, Missouri
High upside at his slot, could surprise with athleticism.
58B+Spurs select: Deshaun Thomas, SF, Ohio State
A hard working guy with a high IQ, perfect for the Spurs' D-League team.
59C-Timberwolves select: Bojan Dubljevic, PF, Montenegro
Standard Euro stash.
60DGrizzlies select: Janis Timma, SF,
He will not play.

more: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/draft/drafttracker