New Beginnings

Dear Lord, as this New Year is born I give it to Thy hand, Content to walk by faith what paths I cannot understand.
Whatever coming days may bring Of bitter loss, or gain, Or every crown of happiness; Should sorrow come, or pain,
Or, Lord, if all unknown to me Thine angel hovers near To bear me to that farther shore Before another year,
It matters not—my hand in Thine, Thy light upon my face, Thy boundless strength when I am weak, Thy love and saving grace!
I only ask, loose not my hand, Grip fast my soul, and be My guiding light upon the path Till, blind no more, I see!


The High Line/Old railroad attraction

Giving is Receiving

Small gift bags for special people <3 
Remember - is the taught that counts!


This Christmas Tree wasn't as big as you would imagine, people love to exaggerate!
It was fun watching the ice skaters though :-)


Elien's Stardust Diner. Fun and entertaining (Scooter & Zeck funny characters) but the food was blah! microwaved :-(

Sugar Factory

Looks can definitely deceive, I almost got an heart attack drinking this thing. Kool looking but ONLY sugar!!!