NBA - Spurs Straight 2 TF's

To face the Heat again...

Back To The Future

Boris Diaw has 26, Tim Duncan adds 19 and Manu Ginobili hits a big 3, lifting the Spurs past OKC 112-107 in Game 6 to head to the Finals for the 2nd straight year.

NBA Playoffs 2014 -- The Finals Schedule

Posted Jun 1, 2014&nbsp12:41 AM
Here is the complete schedule and national television arrangements for the NBA Finals.
Game 1 - Thu, June 5, Miami at San Antonio, 9 p.m. ET, ABC 
Game 2 - Sun, June 8, Miami at San Antonio, 8 p.m. ET, ABC 
Game 3 - Tue, June 10, San Antonio at Miami, 9 p.m. ET, ABC 
Game 4 - Thu, June 12, San Antonio at Miami, 9 p.m. ET, ABC 
Game 5 * Sun, June 15, Miami at San Antonio, 8 p.m. ET, ABC 
Game 6 * Tue, June 17, San Antonio at Miami, 9 p.m. ET, ABC 
Game 7 * Fri, June 20, Miami at San Antonio, 9 p.m. ET, ABC
*If necessary

Miss My Sis

We been through a lot, both of us.... together and apart. But we must recognize truth and take everything that crosses our path, as a blessing. In good and bad times, It's growth. And from It's beginning til It's end, we know that It's all Love. Trusting God with all - we are, cause... 
He truly knows what He's doing. Everything will be alright. Remember that!

I love you Selo, the best sister ever!

godiz - my lil'sis just flew to Greece, and she'll be there for the whole summer... buuhuu!! 

I miss her already <3

Wishing her a safe and great trip, along with beautiful memories :-)


This blog will be going through a few new changes this fall. I have a few options in mind that I'm considering... I'm thinking if i wan't to go back to have it as a private blog (password) or if I'll upgrade it to  a whole new level? either move it/make a "spin off" not sure yet... I will be updating more, when It's relevant. Until then stay blessed & beautiful <3


At This Moment

as for right now, whether It's in or out? this is my favorite color....

Michael vs Xscape

After his death, Michael's legacy been making more money than any passing celebrity. 
What are you're thoughts about it? Are you for or against the money making? 

Xscape is the second posthumous compilation album of previously unreleased tracks by American singer Michael Jackson. It was released on May 9, 2014 by Epic Records and MJJ Music. It is the eleventh album released by Sony and Motown since Jackson's death in June 2009.

Michael was the first release of all new Michael Jackson material in nine years since Invincible in 2001.
Michael is the seventh Jackson album to be released by Sony and Motown/Universal since Michael Jackson's death in June 2009.

Which of the "new material" albums did you like the most?

A few favorites: A place with no name, Do you know where you're children are, Blue gangster, Monster, Behind the mask...

Being Blocked By Dog

Trying to draw but this lil fella is taking up the wole space...

1 Win Away

The Spurs cruise to their third rout of the series and a 3-2 edge over OKC. 

STILL THE ONE! Tim Duncan turn back the clock with a 22-point, 12-board night as the Spurs rout OKC 117-89 in Game 5 for a 3-2 series lead.
Highlight: Duncan's Night
godiz - Woohoo! Let's go Timmy!!!

It's A New Day

I feel Blessed!
signs, closure, peace and new beginnings...

Going Nut's

Raw Pistachios (No shell)Raw Pistachios 

Naturally raw with no shell pistachios. For those who like as many nutrients as possible. What a gourmet's treat! 

Walnut PiecesWalnut Pieces

Delicious and fresh walnut pieces. Perfect for baking, cooking, or as toppings.

Pine Nuts (Pignolias)Pine Nuts 

A deliciously fresh pine nut ideally used in baking, cakes, cookies, salads and pesto sauce.

Blanched PeanutsBlanched Peanuts

A shelled raw peanut with the shell and skin taken off. These are ideal for baking or personal roasting.

Pecan PiecesPecan Pieces

Raw pecan pieces, perfect for topping, baking and mixes.

Sliced Natural AlmondsSliced Natural Almonds

Sliced natural almonds have the extra healthy kick from the skin and are great in salads and baking.

Brazil Nut PiecesBrazil Nut Pieces

Brazil nut pieces are perfect for snacking, baking, and cooking. Packed with selenium.

godiz - some good healthy nuts to use as toppings or just to eat as they are :-)

Wind Down

Talk about overwhelming and exhausting day today...pheew!!

God been showing me clear signs on things that needed closure... New beginnings are about to take place and i now finally feel at peace. Thank you Jesus! You are greater than great.

A good chit chat/dinner with my sister & cousin.

Blue Line

We have 3 underground Metro lines (within the loop) in Stock Holm/Swe. The Blue, Red & Green line. They all have their own touch of art and uniqueness, beautiful attractions to see if you ever come visit. Comparing to NY's ours are fresh & clean ;-) 

A few random stops from the Blue Line:

stay tuned for the red and green line :-P

Walking Around


...waiting on our cab.
(two summer's ago on our sisters vacation)

Daddy's Shirt Kind Of Day

Today was super hot and then suddenly the weather switched to super cold. So typical...

How cute is this dad and his son holding hands?

Shape It Up

1. Brush your brows upwards.
2. Cut only a tiny tiny bit of the ends.
3, 4. Pluck the hairs that's under the end of the wing/above and the ones in the mid section.
5, 6, 7. Measure the distance on both sides to see if they are equal. 
(Just as the picture shows).
8. When you're satisfied, then lightly fill in the brows where It's needed. 
Use a color that is close to your own brows, or a slightly lighter one.

This is the standard way on how to get the winged shaped brows. 
Besides the natural look, (untouched) brows. This method for me works the best, It gives you that awake "little lift" touch. Follow the 8 steps correctly and you should end up with the perfect summer eyebrows.

Bible Verse Sunday

prayer - Gracious God, give me wisdom so that I may know the blessings in store for me!

Neck Stretch

godiz - I sometimes wake up with the stiffest neck, I'm sure some of you do too.
I've tried several stretches... and this is by far the best one. Try it yourself, you'll instantly feel less tension in your neck. I felt an immediate relief! Whom ever came up with this idea, is a genius!

Sweet Treat Bar

godiz - the "candy monster" replaced her candies this "good friday" for these bars. 
My sweet treat of the week.

Fruits & Berries

Apple - a global favorite fruit and a good source of vitamin C

Apricot - soft, sweet and juicy orange colored fruit packed with beta-carotene.

Avocado - Fatty soft flesh and a large stone in a thin outer casing. These trees produce hundreds of fruits which taste buttery and rich.

Acai Berries: These small, round black berries are the biggest cash crops of Brazil. Acai berries are used in juices, smoothies and other beverages. These berries are known for their antioxidant properties.

Blackberry - Blackberries find their way into wines and liqueurs, but apart from jam, their most common use is in blackberry pies.

Blueberry - The small bushes grow in acidic soils, producing hundreds of small blue fruits in early summer.

Cherry - Related to both plums and apricots, the cherry tree produces small red fruits with a distinctive taste. Sweet and fragrant, cherries are a midsummer treat.

Coconut - Should this even be in a list of fruits? The fruit of the coconut palm is harvested throughout the tropical world for food, oil and Coir (the brown fibrous husk of the coconut).

Cranberry - American bog berry, high in vitamin C. An astringent taste makes it a great breakfast fruit.

Dates - are extremely delicious, it supply significant amount of iron making them an excellent food.. They contain more natural sugar than any other fruit.

Fig - The fruit we know of as the fig is actually the flower of the fig tree. Sweet and delicious. Delicious paired with feta cheese and honey.

Grapefruit - The large sharp but succulent grapefruit has a yellow skin and is about three times the size of an average orange. Much more sour than an orange and with a bitter tang too. I love the grape.

Grape - Clusters of green, yellow or red fruits grow on vines in many parts of the world. Eaten fresh or turned into wine, grapes are a very popular fruit.

Guava - Round or oval fruits. The taste is slightly perfumed and sweet and Guavas are packed with vitamins A and C.

Gooseberries: These are small, round, oblong or teardrop shaped berries. They have a variety of colors like red, green and purple. Gooseberries are used to prepare gooseberry tarts, pies, puddings and fruit salads. Gooseberries are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, and manganese.

Goji Berries: These red berries are usually found dried and shriveled and are similar to red resins in appearance. They are also known as wolf berries. Wolf berries are usually cooked before consumption. They are used to prepare herbal tea, wines, rice congee, goji juice, etc. They contain 11 essential and 22 trace dietary minerals, 18 amino acids, 6 essential vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber, etc. The list is endless!

Huckleberries: This is a small round berry that looks and tastes similar to blueberries. They come in colors ranging from deep crimson to eggplant purple. They are used to make excellent jams, pies, syrups and preservatives

Kiwi - Green to brown skinned fruit with a hairy surface. Inside is a sharp but sweet flesh that goes equally well in a traditional sweet fruit salad as it does in a tomato salad.

Lemon - The king of citrus fruits.

Lime - Green relative of the lemon.

Lychees- fresh lychees are best eaten raw as a refreshing end to a meal. Simply remove the shells, then nibble or suck the flesh off the stone. Rich in Vitamin C.

Mango - Tropical fruit that taste amazing.

Nectarine - A hairless form of peach that grows in slightly more northern latitudes than its more tender cousin. Nectarines have a sweet orange colored flesh full of juice.

Orange - C vitamin citrus with many varieties. 

Papaya - Large central american fruits generally eaten raw.

Peach - A thin downy skin parts to reveal rich succulent flesh that is sweet and delicious.

Pear - The pear is a wonderful fruit.

Pineapple - Just YUMMY! 

Plum - Plums are small stone fruits that taste wonderfully sweet when very ripe, but quite tart while ripening. The can be found in many colours including yellow, white, green or red, but most commonly they are a deep purple shade (often with a white waxy bloom on the outside).

Pomegranate - These fruits have been popular in tropical regions for thousands of years. The juice is now sold as having health giving high antioxidant levels.

Raspberries - Raspberries are used to make jams, jellies, pies and ice creams. They have high Vitamin C and manganese content. Raspberries also contain Vitamin K and magnesium 

Red Currants: These are small round red or white berries that are used in making jams, tarts and salads. They have high Vitamin C, iron, potassium and fiber content.

Strawberry - So easy to grow and so delicious to eat.

Tamarillos - Related to tomatoes and sometimes called "tree tomatoes", they has a strong sweet flavour suitable for both sweet or savoury dishes.  It can be used in jams, chutneys and sorbets.  

Watermelon - A large melon with sweet and extremely watery flesh. The massive heavy round green fruits are cut open to reveal a deep red watery sweet flesh that seems to dissolve in the mouth. Very refreshing.

The list goes on...