Music Minute - Hard To Say I'm Sorry

If You Really Knew Me

You would know that... I love taking a nap after a hot bath.

Walkie Talkie

You can say... Sorry a million times, Say "I love you" as much as you want, say whatever you want, whenever you want. But... If you're not going to prove that the things you say are true, Then... Don't say anything at all. Because if you can't show it. Your words don't mean a thing.

Going Bananuts

 godiz - trying to cure this heavy head...

Thank You

Thanks for being there when nobody else is. I love You, You know who You are.

You're On My Mind

godiz - Laying down in my bed, craving chocolate...

Heal Your Head

Did you know that taking painkillers for a prolonged period, even at the recommended dose, can cause serious damage to your gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys. What's more,taking painkillers regularly can actually cause the very thing you are trying to stop - like, headaches!

How to relieve headache pain naturally

Handle Hanger

godiz - Love these wooden door knob signs i bought today.

Did You Know

Infant Pygmy Marmosets babble to develop their language skills, similarly to the way human babies babble.


godiz - Bringing my ol'school tradition back... pancakes on Sunday's.

St. Ball

Streetball or street basketball is a variation of the sport of basketball typically played on outdoor courts, featuring significantly less formal structure and enforcement of the game's rules. As such, its format is more conducive to allowing players to publicly showcase their own individual skills. Streetball may also refer to other urban sports played on asphalt. Read more -


godiz - lunch blog...

Boo 2 Flu

Prevent yourself from getting sick by...
staying hydrated, drink a lot of water and fresh fluids. Healthy diet helps fuel the immune system, eat antioxidant rich and protein packed foods. Gargle with salt water, to reduce inflammation, bacteria, viruses and to clear mucous. Take hot showers, exercise lightly and rest well, get a goodnight sleep. Keep up the routine for the next few days, hopefully you'll feel better very soon.


godiz - working on ankles and spaghetti legs...

Bible Verse Sunday

prayer - Lord forgive me when forgetting that You are committed to my highest good, trust worthy without a doubt, and faithful to Your every promise.

When God's Promises Don't Seem Like Enough

Suicide: There was a time when suicide was rare in our community. And yet, the rate of suicide has skyrocked more than 100 precent in the past 20 years, particularly among youth between the age of 15-24. A lot has changed in our community in the past 20 years. With the progress made from Civil Rights Movement, we saw a simultaneous rise in unemployment, underemployment, domestic violence, divorce, single parents, incarcerations, and families living below the poverty line. With integration, we've lost a lot of our family and community support systems: Grandma and auntie don't live around the corner anymore, and Miss Mabel no longer feels comfortable correcting our children. This lack of family and community support leads to greater despair and anguish among men and women in our community. Where is God in the midst of this despair, and what does God have to say about suicide? There are Six accounts of known suicides in the Bible: Saul (1 Sam. 31:1-4; 2 Sam. 1:1-6), Ahithophel (2 Sam. 17:23), Zimri (1 Kin. 16:18-19), Samson (Judg. 16:28-31), Abimelech (Judg. 9:52-54), and Judas (Matt. 27:3-5; Acts 1:18). We gain a better understanding of how God views suicide by looking at the testimony of Biblical figures who felt depressed and suicidal but chose not to commit suicide. We can learn from Elijah's journey in the wilderness 1 Kin. 19), that God will send an angel to feed us and watch over us when we are in the wilderness. That angel may be a friend, spouse, coworker, stranger or even a counselor. When Elijah was so low that he refused to help the angel, God brought him to Mount Horeb so he could experience the awesome power of God's love (the "sound of sheer silence"). Job's torment is finally ended when he realizes that while God does not promise a Rose garden, God does promise to never forsake him. What saves Job is that, even in the midst of his anguish, he continually seeks God for answers. Job often feels tired and angry with God (Job 9:35), but he never gives up (Job 10:1-2). He constantly seeks to maintain his relationship with God (Job 2; 42:2). It is when we are at our lowest that God hears our cries (Jer. 31:15; Matt. 2:18). As followers of Christ, we must learn to invite God into our states of depression and stop viewing depression and even suicidal thoughts as a sign of lapsed faith. Even the greatest prophets (e.g., Moses, Elijah, Jonah, Jeremiah) experienced depression and had suicidal thoughts. The sin is not feeling suicidal, but in not seeking God to help you through the crisis. God is ever faithful to His promise to never forsake us. If God is willing to sacrifice His only begotten Son (a part of Him) to save us, surely He will come to our aid in the midst of our despair. We have only to call Him.
Read Matthew 27:3-5; see also 1 Samuel 31:1-13; 2 Samuel 1:1-16; Acts 1:18.

Music Minute - Vem Vet

Season Switch

godiz - summer gone... new season... no sneakers...

This or That

Go to the theater or a movie?
Theater maybe?

Hike or bike?
I like both

Wear jeans or chinos? 
Uum.. depends 

Have a  Crash with friends or stay in a hotel?
Probably hotel

Travel around Europe or Latin America? 

Travel by plane, train, or automobile?

Enjoy a houseboat or speed boat?

Go climbing or zip lining? 

Go to a comedy club or dance club? 
I like to dance but i like laughing too

Have a night out or evening in? 
Evening in 

Watch TV or read a book?

Camp in an RV or stay in a tent? 

Use Facebook or Twitter?
I don't have fb and i rarely use twitter

Choose a free trip or money? 
Free trip

Swim in a pool or the ocean?
Pool, only cause I'm scared of fishies

Watch sports or play sports?
Watch but playing for fun is fun 

A Box Of Sweetness

godiz - my sisters laptop at work got stolen, so one of her students decided to make her a new one... i could cry of sweetness..

Kind Comment

Hello godiz, I must say you are a very attractive young lady and most men only dream of being in the company and spoiling such beauty. You seem mature well beyond your years. I have thoroughly enjoyed your page, you are truly full of life and originality. Just keeping it real and giving credit where credit is due. You are a stunningly beautiful young lady and I'm sure my words sing the song of so many men too often silenced in the expression of their most inner thoughts when confronting a woman of your natural beauty. Much love and peace are my wishes. God bless.

Head Bump

godiz - lil Prince with his girlfriend Raija lol moosi heads...

Another Wedding

i love my sis sel...
...and my cuz nid
godiz - My SLR cam is out of function at the moment, there for the bad quality pix.

If You Really Knew Me

You would know... that i love a man who wears beard and a mustache.

Key 2 Kingdom

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; 

and lean not unto thine own understanding. 

In all thy ways acknowledge him,
and he shall direct thy paths.

godiz - I don't believe in this particular image of Christ, buwether you believe that He was black white red or yellow... He stands for all colors. And first and foremost, the color of love. Cause God is LOVE. And there is no greater love, He is the greatest love of all. You'll have no better.