2 New Beginnings

Our hope is not in the new year... but in the One who makes all things new.

Worth the Wait

 godiz - Do men like this exist, if so, Hello... waving.


All the christmas music and movies every where is making me go nuts! I can't stand the over the top pagan stuff. Yuck! Please save us, Jesus!

Quote this...

Fun Facts & Then Some

1. You can't wash your eyes with soap. 

2. You can't count your hair. 

3. You can't breathe through your nose, with your tongue out. 

4. You just tried No. 3 

6. When you did No. 3 you realized it's possible, only you look 
like a dog. 

7. You're smiling right now, because you were fooled. 

8. You skipped No. 5 

9. You just checked to see if there is a No. 5 

10. LOL!

Tips and Trix - Blk Towel

How many towels have you ruined in your makeup wearing days from mascara, blush and lipstick? Cleaning your face and your towels. Let's make sure your washcloth whites stay unblemished with what's leftover at the end of the day. A great solution to make-up stains - black washcloths. Black makeup washcloths are laundry lifesavers! Never ruin another set of towels again! Genius.


Tail Chaser

When a old dog saw a puppy chasing its tail, he asked:
- Why are you chasing your tail that way?

 - I have studied philosophy and solved the problem of the universe, which no other dog before me had ever solved,  the puppy answered,
- and I have found out that the best thing for a dog in life
– is happiness, and that my happiness is in my tail. That is why I am chasing it, and when I catch it
– I will reach happiness.

- Pup, the dog said,
- in my young days I was also interested in the questions of universe, and I have also understood that the happiness is in the tail. In the beginning, I was also chasing it. But later I have noticed that anywhere I go, and whatever I do, the tail was following behind me. And then I understood that I didn’t need to chase it.

Alpha Praise

A lthough things are not perfect 
B ecause of trial or pain 
C ontinue in thanksgiving 
D o not begin to blame 
E ven when the times are hard 
F ierce winds are bound to blow 
G od is forever able 
H old on to what you know 
I magine life without His love 
J oy would cease to be 
K eep thanking Him for all the things 
L ove imparts to thee 
M ove out of "Camp Complaining" 
N o weapon that is known 
O n earth can yield the power 
P raise can do alone 
Q uit looking at the future 
R edeem the time at hand 
S tart every day with worship 
T o "thank" is a command 
U ntil we see Him coming 
V ictorious in the sky 
W e'll run the race with gratitude 
X alting God most high 
Y es, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but... 
Z ion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!

No Yes - Yes No

Yes or No ?

Been on TV? ... No
Walked barefoot in a stream? ... Yes
Lost your cool in public? ... No
Lost your passport? ... No 
Won something you wanted? ... No
Been healthy and slept more than 12 hrs? ... Yes
Driven or ridden in an official race car? ... No
Been in the presence of a human birth? ... No
Gained or lost over 40 lbs in a single year? ... No
Done a Stand-up routine ? ... No
Randomly paid for someone else? ... Yes
Been arrested? ... No
Kissed someone you didn't like? ... No
Fallen asleep at work/school? ... 
Held a snake? ... No

Been fired from a job? ... No

Sang karaoke? ... 
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? ... 
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? ... 
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? ... 
Kissed in the rain? ... No

Sang in the shower? ... 
Sat on a rooftop? ... No

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? ... No

Broken a bone? ... 
Shaved your head? ... No

Played a prank on someone? ... 
Felt like killing someone? ... 
Been in a band? ... 
Shot a gun? ... No

Donated Blood? ... No

Eaten alligator meat? ... No

Eaten cheesecake? ... 
Still love someone you shouldn't? ... No

Think about the future? ... 
Believe in Love ? ... 
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? ... No

Eaten something you thought you never would? ... 
Eaten something you didn't know what it was? ... No

Lived on a Beach for more than a week? ... 
Worked more than 2 jobs simultaneously? ... 
Taken a train across an international border? ... 
Climbed a mountain? ... No

Run until you couldn't run another step? ... 
Forgotten your own birthday? ... 

For Her

godiz - A personalized name-necklace... You could never go wrong with this ol'school classic. A perfect gift for her.

On A Walk Again

Here we go again... A woman sitting outside a building on what seems to be a family gathering. I hear her crying her heart out while two men are comforting her. What do i do... oh yes, i burst out in tears as well. I'm glad i was far away lol... Cry baby price of the year, goes to moi.