You Are The Light Of My Life

Your like the glimmer in the dark days and comfort on the sad days,  
Your smile is like a brilliant spotlight of heaven smiling on a foggy day, 
Your style is like a cool beach ball bouncing on the white hot sand of the beach,
Your eyes and lips are like fire on a lonely cold cozy day to warm my heart.  

To be continued...

Family Food Fun

godiz - This year we had a traditional family gathering at my auntie Lenas... with bunch of food and more food and even more food. I'm quoting my uncles wife: "some people die of starvation while others of gluttony" People's mouths were going the whole time, i hear a chew here and a chew there lol CRAZY! But we all had a great time :-) There is nothing better than family time.

Gift Idea

A unique backpack from Vans maybe? I think they are super kool.

Wedding Bell's Ringing

godiz - Congrat's and Blessings to my cousin Alice and her husband. Wishing you both a happy ever after! She looked beautiful on her BIG day.

Comp. Crash!

Been really bad with updatig, since my computer crashed... hopefully it will get fixed soon, or ill have to buy a new one. Bummer...

DIY - Exotic Glitter Plant

godiz - Fun and awesome! glittery give away gift... for the holidays.

All you need is: 
1. Home-made glue (use google for different recipes) alt. non toxic inviroment friendly glue. 
2. Glitter flakes or dust of your own choice (there's a bunch of colors to chose from)
3. Any type of stiff plant, from cactuses to aloe-vera's (whatever you prefer)
4. Of course a nice looking pot, if the plant didn't come with one.

The end result is DAZZLING!

All In One Dress

godiz - Ever heard Of a "smart dress" no? Well... This is it! Evert woman should own One. It's the Perfect dress for a bunch Of occasions.

Hypocrite! Practice what you Preach

Hypocrisy: Perhaps no accusation is more provocative than that of “hypocrite.” Unfortunately, some feel justified in their view that all Christians are hypocrites. The term “hypocrite” enjoys a rich heritage in the English language. The term comes to us via the Latin hypocrisies meaning “play-acting, pretense.” Further back, the word occurs in both classical and New Testament Greek and has the very same idea—to play a part, pretend.This is the way the Lord Jesus employed the term. For example, when Christ taught the significance of prayer, fasting, and alms-giving for kingdom people, He discouraged us from following the examples of those who are hypocrites (Matthew 6:2516). By making long public prayers, employing extreme measures to ensure others noticed their fasts, and parading their gifts to the Temple and the poor, they revealed only an outward attachment to the Lord. While the Pharisees performed well their dramatic role as public examples of religious virtue, they failed miserably in the inner world of the heart where true virtue resides (Matthew 23:13-33Mark 7:20-23).Jesus never called His disciples hypocrites. That name was given only to misguided religious zealots. Rather, He called His own “followers,” “babes,” “sheep,” and His “church.” In addition, there is a warning in the New Testament about the sin of hypocrisy (1 Peter 2:1), which Peter calls “insincerity.” Also, two blatant examples of hypocrisy are recorded in the church. In Acts 5:1-10, two disciples are exposed for pretending to be more generous than they were. The consequence was severe. And, of all people, Peter is charged with leading a group of hypocrites in their treatment of Gentile believers (Galatians 2:13).From the New Testament teaching, then, we may draw at least two conclusions. First, hypocrites do exist among professing Christians. They were present in the beginning, and, according to Jesus’ parable of the tares and wheat, they will certainly exist until the end of the age (Matthew 13:18-30). In addition, if even an apostle may be guilty of hypocrisy, there is no reason to believe “ordinary” Christians will be free from it. We must always be on our guard that we do not fall into the very same temptations (1 Corinthians 10:12).Of course, not everyone who claims to be a Christian is truly a Christian. Perhaps all or most of the famous hypocrites among Christians were in fact pretenders and deceivers. To this day, prominent Christian leaders have fallen into terrible sins. Financial and sexual scandals sometimes seem to plague the Christian community. However, instead of taking the actions of a few and using them to denigrate the whole community of Christians, we need to ask whether all those who claim to be Christians really are. Numerous biblical passages confirm that those who truly belong to Christ will exhibit the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Jesus’ parable of the seed and the soils in Matthew 13 makes it clear that not all professions of faith in Him are genuine. Sadly, many who profess to belong to Him will be stunned one day to hear Him say to them, “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!” (Matthew 7:23). Second, while it should not surprise us that people who pretend to be more holy than they are claim to be Christians, we cannot conclude that the church is made up almost entirely of hypocrites. One surely may concede that all of us who name the name of Jesus Christ remain sinners even after our sin is forgiven. That is, even though we are saved from sins’ eternal penalty (Romans 5:16:23), we are yet to be saved and delivered from the presence of sin in our lives (1 John 1:8-9), including the sin of hypocrisy. Through our living faith in the Lord Jesus, we continually overcome sin’s power until we are finally delivered (1 John 5:4-5). All Christians fail to perfectly live up to the standard the Bible teaches. No Christian has ever been perfectly Christ-like. However, there are many Christians who are genuinely seeking to live the Christian life and are relying more and more on the Holy Spirit to convict, change, and empower them. There have been multitudes of Christians who have lived their lives free from scandal. No Christian is perfect, but making a mistake and failing to reach perfection in this life is not the same thing as being a hypocrite.

Practicing what you're preaching: Christians have often heard the accusation “practice what you preach.” There are several reasons why Christians do not practice what they preach or at least appear to others to not be practicing what they preach.
First, not all who profess to be Christians really belong to Christ. Jesus warned in His parable of the wheat and the tares that there would be false believers in the world, sown by the enemy Satan, whose aim is to cripple the testimony of Christians so that our witness to the world would be compromised. Satan tries to destroy Christ’s work by placing false believers and teachers in the world who lead many astray. One has only to look at the latest televangelist scandal to know the world is filled with professing “Christians” whose ungodly actions bring reproach on the name of Christ. In Matthew 7:22, Jesus warned that many would profess faith but do not know Him. He also told us we would recognize false believers by their fruit. A bad tree does not produce good fruit, nor does a good tree produce bad fruit (Luke 6:43). Part of bad fruit is to not practice what you preach.Second, we as Christians are not perfect. Christians are expected to “practice what you preach,” but we preach a message that is, ultimately, impossible to live up to. While sinlessness is to be our goal, it is not achievable in this lifetime. However, the fact that we fail to live up to God's perfect standard does not change the fact that it is to be our goal and message. Also, many times true Christians behave in an un-Christian manner out of immaturity in the faith or a lack of understanding of exactly what the Christian life entails. New believers are often excited about their newfound faith and eager to share it with others. When, because of immaturity, their lives do not measure up to their testimony, charges of not practicing what you preach are leveled at them. As we grow and mature in the faith, our lives should more and more reflect the truths that we profess to believe.Fortunately, people are not saved by whether or not others practice what they preach. Salvation is the gift of God through faith, and none of those whom God has given to Christ will be snatched out of His hand (John 10:28-29). No amount of false professions by unbelievers or disappointing actions by immature Christians can change that.

Read about NOT judging - https://gotquestions.org/do-not-judge.htmlRead about why we judge: https://gotquestions.org/Christians-judgmental.html

DIY - Deo

All natural home-made deodorant (3 ways)

1 part baking soda
6 parts organic corn starch or arrowroot powder
A few drops of tea tree oil or other essential oil 
1. Combine well and store in an airtight glass jar. 
2. Dust your underarms sparingly.

Deodorant Cream
This one is good if you shave and tend to get rash.
1 part baking soda
1 part pure shea butter
1 part organic coconut oil
A few drops of tea tree oil or other essential oil 
1. Heat the shea butter briefly in the microwave or in a double boiler to soften it, and then combine it with the other ingredients. 
2. Store in a covered glass jar. Apply a tiny bit with your fingertips.

Deodorant Stick
1 part baking soda
2 parts pure shea butter
A few drops of tea tree oil or other essential oil 
1. Heat the shea butter briefly in the microwave or in a double boiler to soften it, and then combine it with the other ingredients. 
2. Pack your mixture into an empty stick applicator from a crafting supply store. Apply lightly to underarms.

Rodale’s  Organic Life.

Test Makeup (Alice)

godiz - Trying on some different wedding makeup styles on my cousin Alice... While she is trying to figure out what kind of look she would want to go for on the BIG day! I guess will see...

Welcome Baby Liam

godiz - Congrats! to a beautiful BOY! My cousin Linda's baby Liam just entered the World...

Morning Bright...

godiz - Welcome to our first snow to hit the ground this year, over here.

Without Your Breath

I know that you're sleeping
Feeling the warmth from your skin
Just the scent makes me weak
But I don't dare to wake you now
I should give you
Everything you point at
But it's only when you don't hear
When I dare to say things like that

I can't even walk
Without your breath in my lungs
I can't even stand
When you're not watching
And I turn into transparent gray
Without your breath

My clock has stopped
Under your eye lids
The dreams are fluttering past by
Inside you are light like a feather and white
And without a sound
My heart in your hand
I have lost my language
It's getting stuck in your hair

I can't even walk
Without your breath in my lungs
I can't even stand
When you're not watching
And I turn into a pale tear
Without your breath

I can't even walk
Without your breath in my lungs
I can't even stand
If you're not watching
And transparent gray
What would I be
Without your breath

What would I be
Without your breath


Maxwell + Mary JB



godiz - Finally seen Maxwell... wiiihhhhuuuuu!!!

Daddy's Car

Not! to be confused with Ford TaurusThe Ford Taunus is a family car that was sold by Ford Germany throughout Europe. Models from 1970 onward were similar to the Ford Cortina in the United Kingdom. The model line was named after theTaunus mountain range in Germany and was first made in 1939 and continued through several versions until 1994. 

The Ford Cortina is a car which was built by Ford of Britain in various guises from 1962 to 1982, and was the United Kingdom's best-selling car of the 1970s.
The Cortina was produced in five generations (Mark I through to Mark V, although officially the last one was only the Cortina 80 facelift of the Mk IV) from 1962 until 1982. From 1970 onward, it was almost identical to the German-market Ford Taunus (being built on the same platform) which was originally a different car model. This was part of a Ford attempt to unify its European operations. By 1976, when the revised Taunus was launched, the Cortina was identical. The new Taunus/Cortina used the doors and some panels from the 1970 Taunus. It was replaced in 1982 by the Ford Sierra. In Asia and Australasia, it was replaced by the Mazda 626-basedFord Telstar, though Ford New Zealand did import British-made CKD kits of the Ford Sierra estate for local assembly from 1984.
The name was inspired by the name of the Italian ski resort Cortina d'Ampezzo, site of the 1956 Winter Olympics. As a publicity stunt, several Cortinas were driven down the bobsled run at the resort which was called Cortina Auto-Bobbing

godiz - This is what my daddy drove us around in, when me and my sister were kids. (It also once thankfully saved us from an accident.) When i get my first car i want the same exact car as my daddy had. I don't recall exactly what model it was, but i believe it's either a TC2 or a TC3. I LOVE this car!

Either Or

  • Coffee or tea? = Tea
  • Black and white or color? = Both
  • Drawings or paintings? = Paintings
  • Dresses or skirts? = Both
  • Books or movies? = Books
  • Japanese or Italian? = Japanese
  • Early bird or night owl? = Night Owl
  • Chocolate or vanilla? = Chocolate
  • Introvert or extrovert? = Intro
  • Hugs or kisses? = Hugs
  • Winter or summer? = Summer
  • Spring or fall? = Spring
  • Rural or urban? = Both
  • Tan or pale? = Tan
  • Cake or pie? = Pie
  • Ice cream or yogurt? = Yogurt
  • Ketchup or mustard? = Mustard
  • Sweet pickles or dill pickles? = Sweet
  • Boots or sandals? = Boots
  • Silver or gold? = Gold
  • Jazz or classical? = Jazz
  • Dancing or singing? = Both
  • Board games or video games? = Board
  • Freckles or dimples? = Both
  • Honey mustard or BBQ sauce? Both
  • Body weight exercises or lifting weights? = Body weight
  • Baseball or basketball? = Basket
  • Crossword puzzles or sudokus? = Crosswords
  • Facial hair or clean shaven? = (On guys) Facial hair
  • Crushed ice or cubed ice? = Cubed
  • Bracelet or necklace? = Bracelet (unless it's a cross/necklace)
  • Fruit or vegetables? = Veggies
  • Sausage or bacon? = None
  • Scrambled or fried? = Fried
  • Antique or brand new? = Both
  • Dress up or dress down? = Dress down and up!
  • Cats or dogs? = Dogs
  • Pancakes or waffles? = Pancakes
  • Numbers or letters? = Letters
  • Fair or theme park? = Theme park?
  • Washing dishes or doing laundry? = Doing laundry 
  • Snakes or sharks? = None
  • Pepsi or coke? = None
  • Orange juice or apple juice? = Pineapple
  • Sunrise or sunset? = Both 
  • Slacker or over-achiever? = Achiever
  • Pen or pencil? = Pencil
  • Peanut butter or jelly? = Jam
  • Detailed or abstract? = Both
  • Adventurous or cautious? = Cautious (a lil adventurous)
  • Saver or spender? = Both
  • Glasses or contacts? = Both 
  • Laptop or desktop? = Lap
  • Classic or modern? = Both
  • Personal chef or personal fitness trainer? = PT
  • Call or text? = Call
  • Curly hair or straight hair? = Curly
  • Shower in the morning or shower in the evening? = Evening
  • Spicy or mild? = Spicy
  • Paying a mortgage or paying rent? = Mortgage
  • Sky dive or bungee jump? = None
  • Oreos or Chips Ahoy? = Oreos
  • Jello or pudding? = Pudding
  • Truth or dare? = TRUTH
  • Roller coaster or Ferris wheel? = None
  • Leather or denim? = Denim
  • Bagels or muffins? = Bagels (with Philly cheese)
  • Whole wheat or white? = Whole wheat
  • Beads or pearls? = Beads
  • Hardwood or carpet? = Hardwood
  • Bright colors or neutral tones? = Both
  • Be older than you are or younger than you are? = Younger
  • Raisins or nuts? = Nuts
  • Picnic or nice restaurant? = Both
  • Black leather or brown leather? = Black
  • Long hair or short hair? = (On me) long
  • Smoking or non-smoking? = NON!
  • Think before you talk or talk before you think? = Think
  • Asking questions or answering questions? = Answering

Fiesta! Fiesta!

godiz - Threw together a home-fiesta (mexican style) with the familia to celebrate brother Mike. Who's accomplished a whole lot this year... From a higher position at work to taking his drivers licence. We are all proud of you lil bro bro! ¡Salud!

Camo Dog's

godiz - Lol! took this picture at the doggy park... how cute are they seriously? They look like movie stars.